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CreatBot PEEK 3d printer filament high temperature filament 1KG/roll Free shipping

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Brand Name: CreatBot
Form: Solid
Material: Other
Model Number: PEEK-1KG


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CreatBot PEEK model

CreatBot F160 and F430 3d printer has 420degC extruder´╝î suitable to print PEEK model.


1, high temperature resistance
The US UL certification has a long-term use temperature of 260 degC. Excellent mechanical properties are maintained even at temperatures up to 300 degC.
2, wear resistance
PEEK polymers and their composites have excellent wear resistance in many extremely harsh environments such as high temperature, high load and strong corrosion.
3, self-lubricating
It has a low friction coefficient and can achieve oil-free lubrication work. It can work in oil, water, steam, weak acid and alkali and other media for a long time.
4, corrosion resistance
It is insoluble in common solvents and has good corrosion resistance to various organic and inorganic chemical reagents.
5, high strength
Excellent mechanical properties in plastics with high rigidity and surface hardness.
6, hydrolysis resistance
When soaked in steam at temperatures above 250 deg C or in high pressure water, PEEK products can still operate for thousands of hours without significant performance degradation.
7, low smoke and no poison
The amount of smoke and toxic gases is particularly low when burned.
8, electrical performance
Stable, excellent electrical properties are maintained over a wide temperature and frequency range.
9, radiation resistance
With strong anti-radiation properties, mechanical properties can be completely retained and used as radiation-resistant parts in nuclear equipment.
10, dimensional stability
Under the action of mechanical force, heat or other external conditions, its outer shape is not easy to change, and has very good stability

PEEK modelpeek printing (3)PEEKsmall peek


Specification: CreatBot PEEK 3d printer filament high temperature filament 1KG/roll Free shipping

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 35.0 × 20.0 × 20.0 cm
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