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MKS GEN L V2.1 + MKS TFT35 LCD 3D printer accessories support a4988 DRV8825 tmc2100 tmc2208 tmc2130 TMC2209 stepper driver plate

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 Packing List

1* MKS Gen-L V2.1    
1* MKS TFT35  
5*Stepper Driver  (Uart/SPI with dupont cable)
1*USB   1*Flat Cable


Name: MKS GEN-L 

  This motherboard is integrated which is based on Marlin open source,greatly compatible with Ramps&Mega2560. Further, it is good cost effective with high performance.


  • Compared to V1.0, V2.1 can be easily enable TMC stepper driver by jumpers.No need wiring cable.Such as :TMC2130 SPI mode,TMC2208/2209 UART mode.
  • Assembly with high quality MOSFET which is good at cooling and ensure stable working in a long time.
  • Use dedicated  power chip which has excellent cooling and stable electricity.
  • Adopt stable and reliable  filter circuit  to reduce  interference. Improve printing performance.
  • Highly, improve the MOSFET cooling of heated bed .
  • It is easy and safe to assemble motors, drivers and endstops in different color.
  • Attention:Please disconnect all parts from the board when upload firmware.

More features as following











Stepper Driver Enable on MKS GEN-L V2.1

Note: the following descriptions is only suitable for mks series of drivers other manufacturers may have different setting steps.1. Step / dir Normal Mode When the driver is under the Normal Mode (such as A4988, LV8729, TB67S109) Microsteps can be adjusted via jumper caps. Insert the jumper caps onto the right side black pin areas(M0, M1, M2) to adjust microsteps according to personal own needs. Note: It isn’t recommended to insert jumper caps to the fourth column pin areas (red areas), because some drivers functions may be affected ( such as TB67S109 ) if inserting jumper caps onto the fourth column pin areas.
2. Uart Mode ( MKS TMC2208 V2.0 ) When the motor is under the UART Mode, current and working mode can be configured directly via marlin firmware. As the following figure shows 1. All jumper caps on the driver need to be taken out. ( ban inserting jumper caps onto driver ) 2. Insert jumper caps onto UART pin areas of motherboard. 3. Setting up the driver parameter via marlin firmware( refer to datasheet for detail )

The direction of stepper drivers on boards.




How to Adjust Driver Current.
Please mind the power polarity and  drivers direction.
Please don’t put the drivers or motors on/off while power on.
Please disconnect all motors when adjust driver current.
I= vref /1.6,default Vref 1.6V and 0.5A,Max1.0A.
I= vref /0.8,default Vref 0.8V and 1.0A,Max2.0A.
I= vref *2, default 0.65A and 1.3A,Max 2.5A.
I= vref /0.5, default 0.4A and 0.8A,Max 1.5A.
Following picture shows how to check the Vref.



rated current






Name: MKS TFT35 Touch Screen



1. 7 type languages online switching.

2. Preview G-code model, display model on printing.

3. Inbuilt 32 bit high speed ARM chip.

4. 3.5 inch touch screen, simple operating interface, high sensitivity.

5. Support WIFI remote control, you may monitor via APP or PC.

Available for Android and IOS system.

6. Easy to update firmware by SD card.

7. Easy to replace into your logo and customize 13 commands .

8. Support printing from breakpoint,power cut detecting,printing save,

outage detecting and auto off function.

9. Supports Marlin, Smoothieware.

(Attention: MKS TFT35 can’t work with Ramps1.4/1.5/1.6)












Specification: MKS GEN L V2.1 + MKS TFT35 LCD 3D printer accessories support a4988 DRV8825 tmc2100 tmc2208 tmc2130 TMC2209 stepper driver plate


GenL-TFT35-2208, GenL-TFT35-2130 spi, GenL-TFT35-uart 2209, GenL-TFT35-2209, GenL-TFT35-4988, GenL-TFT35-8825, GenL-TFT35-2225

Weight 0.350 kg
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 12 cm

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